Antivirus Tools!

Computer Fixer Tools is about the free programs. There are not way too many, high quality antivirus programs out there. We will have some of our own tests and tutorials on here in a minute, but for right now, we will recommend to those users out there, the Free version of AVG.

You can find out more, and download it from their site at

Antivirus software is a must-have protection for all Windows based computers. They even make antivirus for Mac and Linux systems which I highly recommend. Windows based operatings systems are the most common out there and is why they are targeted so heavily. Many antivirus companies today bundle antispyware tools as part of their package or add it as an additional plugin at an additional price. I recommend use two seperate utilities for your antivirus protection and your spyware protection. If you do use one antiviral/spyware tool, I highly recommend adding Spybot Search and Destroy as an added layer of defense. There may be overlap of the tools, but Spybot has proven itself as an important fighting party in the war against malware.

The Antivirus software that we recommend for home users is the AVG antivirus free edition for personal use. The software is easy to use, can be set to update and scan automatically, and has a relatively small foot print for a full featured Antivirus program. You can't beat the price.

If AVG has ever dissapointed you, we can also appreciate AntiVir's efforts. They are consistently in the top of antivirus detection tests, and also fulfill our requirements of offering a low overhead program that still grabs the bad stuff and locks it away.

It is never recommended to run two or more antivirus programs at the same time. This can lead to major conflicts and could potentially leave your system more vulnerable than having just one.

It is crucial to set your virus scanner to run at least once weekly. It is also imperative to make sure that your virus scanner updates frequently. Most have a feature that will allow you to have this happen automatically for you. In addition to virus scanners, you have to get smart about how you treat files you get from the internet. If you weren't expecting an attachment in an email, and it is not something familiar or commonly sent from your contact (like photos) simply do not open it.

When surfing the internet, do not download active x or other programs to your computer that may be questionable. This means files from companies you do not trust or have an established relationship with, or even "video codecs" to watch some downloaded video. Most of the time these free codecs, are just viruses. If someone has developed a codec they want to give away for free, it is not embedded into some free video you found; rather they have it available for download in a public forum.

Something else important to try is to use an MD5 checker. A program like this allows you to check a calcualated signature from a file and verify its integrity, that it is indeed the file that the publisher has intended. This is crucial on P2P networks, and is something that has been integrated into many torrent programs. Not as many publisher's use MD5's as they should. We make a free one available, and we publish the MD5 keys of all programs we host from our site.

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