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Well, we are the author of this tool, so this can also be our review. The Simple MD5 program utilizes a drag and drop interface so that you can quickly identify the MD5 hash of your target file. It has a validity tool so that you can quickly compare the exact hash from a publisher's website. We encourage all users of any files on our site and from any website to verify the MD5 of the program and run a virus scan on the target file to make sure that it is clean and will not damage your computer.

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This is the initial public release of the program. Please use our contact form to send us suggestions or improvement ideas you would like to see in a future version. Review

Like we said, this is our program, so, we think highly of it. It is very simple. Uses the standard MD5 algorythm, in a compact and easy to use interface that allows you to drag the file you wish to find the MD5 of right onto the program so that you are not required to type the entire file path and extension.

We have tested the program on file sizes up to 2 GB with success. Depending on the speed of your computer, this may take a minute or two :-) a 1.5 GB DV file took 18 seconds to check the MD5 hash on a Quad Core Intel 2.4 Ghz machine. Files under 100 MB should only take a couple of seconds on relatively older machines.

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