Defragment your computer

The the Defragment tools is another tool included with the microsoft operating system. The disk defragmenter arranges your files methodically to increase the access time of files and programs by your hard drive. This should be ran once a month, and is recommended to run after a scandisk check has been performed.

Disk defragmenter is under the start menu and then program files. From there select accessories, then select System Tools to find the Disk defragmenter. Do not use other programs while running disk defragmenter. I recommend running this overnight the following night after running a complete scandisk becuase of the time consumption for completion. It is also recommended to temporarily disable your antivirus program to prevent any unintended interference between the antivirus program and the disk defragmenter.

This section will be updated to include screen shots of the step-by-step procedure.

Run Scan Disk on your computer

Run your "scandisk" program at least once a month. This program is one provided by windows, and will scan all the files on your hard drive and tell you if it finds any problems. To open scan disk, open your start menu, and go to programs and select accessories. From there select System Tools, then select Scandisk. Before initiating the scan, close all open programs, disable your antivirus programs and exit out of all icons that may be in your system tray.

In the scandisk menu, you will have several options to scan your files online, or your entire hard drive. I recommend scanning your entire hard drive at least once a month, and it may take several hours. It is recommended to run this overnight at a convinient time.

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